Hi. HELLO! Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. Thank you. Maybe you saw me seduce Johnny Cash in Walk the Line or kick ass as a roller derby girl on television. Cause I did that. Twice. For CSI: Miami & for MTV’s $5 Cover. It’s entirely possible you believe in Unicorns, and found me through the nerd-beloved series I co-created, Team Unicorn. Any how, you’re here now. WELCOME. I guess what you’ve come to learn about is me. So lets do this.

(If you would like to skip to the part where you just learn what my acting and producing credits are-go here.)

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a performer. A story teller. I knew I needed to connect with people to their very core, to make them feel things they didn’t know they needed to feel or had somehow forgotten how to. And I discovered I could do that through performing. So perform I did. I performed in theater productions year round from elementary school until I was twenty three when I discovered my love of acting on camera and it’s complex, yet beautiful differences to acting on stage. I took voice lessons for ten years, and sang in choirs at school and in church. I was lucky to travel and see the world when I was young by way of a modeling career with Elite Model Management that broadened my understanding of culture, people and just how connected we all are as humans sharing this life together. I lived. I loved. I lost. And now I dedicate myself to my craft, my love and my family.

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Thanks for stopping by.